Individual content solutions with semantics

Content Marketing does not only live from strong content. Editors also need powerful content management systems which give them the right tools for the management of their websites.

Optimized texts for search engines and your target group

By integrating LinguLab, the contentXXL Web Content Management System has now been expanded to include a style, language, web and SEO analysis.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the simple idea of creating content that the customers find to be relevant, up-to-date, informative and entertaining.

Efficient online marketing for genuine leads

contentXXL allows content to be used across multiple channels for various campaigns and to be maintained centrally from one location.

Intelligent content management

The content relationship management system which contentXXL includes enables individual items of information (objects such as articles...) to be linked...

SEO & web analysis

contentXXL provides a comprehensive range of SEO functions and simple integration of analysis tools such as Google Analytics, etracker or Piwik...


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